Oxbo 8430 Sweet Corn HarvesterOxbo 8430 Sweet Corn Harvester

Backed by nearly four decades of experience providing dependable sweet corn harvesters, Oxbo delivers on its reputation of reliability and customer service with every high powered 8430.

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Length without header 27ft 6in (8.38m)
Width without header 14ft 2in (4.32m)
Height (standard tires): 12ft 3in (3.73m)
Track 8ft 4in (2.57m)
Inside turning radius 8ft 11in (2.72m)
Power unit 28,700lbs (13,046kg)
Standard front tires 800/65R32 LI 172A
Optional front duals 480/80R42
Standard rear tires 18.4R26
Engine Tier III John Deere 9.0L, turbo charged
Horsepower 350hp @ 2200rpm
Ground Speeds
Max Low range speed (4 wheel drive) 7.3mph (11.7km/hr)
Max Low range speed (2 wheel drive) 11.2mph (18.0km/hr)
Max High range speed (4 wheel drive) 14.6mph (23.5km/hr)
Max High range speed (2 wheel drive) 22.4mph (36.0km/hr)
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Sweet Corn Harvesters 8430

Sweet Corn Harvesters 8430

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